Cryotherapy was originally researched by a Japanese scientist, Dr. Yamaguchi, in the 1970s. His findings were very promising and, over the past 45 years, the technology - originally designed for elite athletes - has now been honed and improved for use by the masses.

A cryo session is completely safe. The cabin fills with nitrogen cooled air until it reaches a temperature of -130° Celsius. You then enter the cabin for 150 seconds.

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Cryotherapy has been used by a variety of peak performers in multiple industries. It is a relatively new technology but it has been used, reviewed and studied across the globe. There are many peer-reviewed studies available online to review. There is a reason why Tony Robbins has called it his favourite technology. Tony apparently thinks it is better than Snapchat and Drones. Dr. Rhonda Patrick has written a great report on some of the benefits. You can also find an endless stream of news from our Twitter (@CryoCanada) and Facebook Page. For more cryotherapy locations in Canada, check out CryoCanada.


Cryotherapy is widely used by the athletic community and has become one of the most popular recovery tools. LeBron James and Floyd Mayweather use it for athletic recovery and enhancing their performance. Legendary Real Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo even purchased a cryocabin for his house. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Raptors both use cryo to overcome the vigors of their long seasons.


Dancing with the Stars have been using cryotherapy to recover for a long time. Including Alfonso Ribeiro (better known as Carlton Banks) who gave Cryo credit for his DWTS victory. Many other celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Alicia Keys, Daniel Craig, Lindsey Lohan, Jennifer Aniston, and Mandy Moore are all users of the technology for benefits ranging from sleep improvement to burning extra calories.

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Whole Body Cryotherapy Cryotherapy has made appearances in health magazines ranging from Men's Health to Fashion Magazine. Dr. Oz has endorsed cryotherapy as being effective in relieving pain. It was also featured on "The Doctors".

Anti Aging

Joe Rogan, popular podcaster and UFC commentator has long been using cryotherapy for the health benefits. Demi Moore has called it her elixir of youth. Recently, Gigi Hadid used cryotherapy before her appearance in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.



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